Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catching Up

Hello blog, my dear old friend! It has been a while so we have some catching up to do. Here is the reader's digest version of life at the McElderry home lately:

  • Bennett is now 16 mos old. His favorite things include breaking all of the cabinet locks mom and dad installed, looking at books, eating (did I mention 93 percentile for height and weight?) and going outside. He grabs his coat at least once a day now and gets very upset when we don't follow his lead and take him outside. Bennett has learned a bunch of sign language, and asks for cheese, bananas, and also tells us when he uses the bathroom (most the time). Other signs he uses often are more, all done, school, home, car, bath, eat, milk, binky, up, down, etc. It has been an awesome tool to communicate with him. He also uses a lot of those words now, too. His favorites are ball, dog, duck, dada and buh bye. 
  • This past fall was a whirlwind - we probably didn't have more than a week go by from August - December that we weren't a) hosting visitors, b) travelling, c) throwing some big event for work/church/friends. It was a blast, but I am looking forward to some more quiet time in the winter. But not too quiet!
  • About 2 months after I wrote a post about staying home full time, Accenture reached out to me about working part time on the same project I was at before. I was hesitant but decided to go back in early March, and have been working 3 days a week ever since (1 day from home). I was very skeptical at first but it has been a nice balance. I am grateful my company is so flexible, and also that we have found some great child care while I am away from home.
  • John continues his work at Vertex - they launched a new drug for Cystic Fibrosis in the summer. He and I commute in together two days a week and it is nice to have the time together.
Anyway - hoping to write more soon and a lot more in 2016. 

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