Saturday, January 31, 2015

New York, New York!

We made the last minute decision Thursday morning to head to New York City for the weekend.  I had only spent one quick night there when I was in college... So it was really the first trip for all of us. We booked an Airbnb on Queens and loaded up our car for the short trip. We are only 3 hrs and 45 min from NYC by car, and we found a pretty reasonable place to park near the airbnb.

We explored Times Square, ate at a little burger joint tucked in the Le meridian Parker hotel, and went to the top of the Rockefeller center to enjoy the views of the city. We also did some shopping, my trusty boots were on their last leg! 

Getting around the city with all of our baby gear was surprisingly not too bad. The subway elevators were not exactly the most pleasant smelling places, but were really convenient at the stations that had them. Otherwise we hoofed the stroller up and down stairs. We also wore Bennett a lot with the baby Bjorn. He was bundled up warm and toasty the whole time.

We took respite each day stopping at the church building downtown. It provided a warm and quiet place to feed Benny and play with him when we needed a break from the chaos of the city. 

We met up with friends at Chelsea Market for lunch, it was great reconnecting and the food was Delish. I had some southwest inspired vegan sushi that did not disappoint. 

Speaking of food- we ate like kings! I am eating dairy free right now because Benny has a milk allergy. However, I found lots of options. I didn't get to enjoy the waffle food truck or the magnolia bakery cupcakes... But I convinced John to have some for me and he didn't put up too much of a protest :) I did enjoy a tasty gyro though and some delicious huevos rancheros for breakfast one day. 

We met up with some friends from Ann Arbor Friday night and had some delicious Thai food in the upper west side. The city is just sprawling and while we still have a lot more to explore, we feel like we got a good sense of how to get around. We are hoping to take another trip back in the spring/ summer to enjoy the parks a little more. 

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