Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Sewing

This weekend I had the chance to do some much needed sewing. Not that I really "needed" to do any of it, I think I just needed it therapeutically. The first project I tackled (with help from my mother in law), was creating a cute lunch box. I am trying to pack healthy lunches more often, and I decide my normal plastic baggie needed an upgrade to help encourage me to pack lunches. Life is just easier when things are cute, right?

I used a tutorial from Stumbling Blocks to make it, along with some vinyl fabric from Moda. I made mine a bit larger so I could pack snacks and dinner in too if needed (for those long days, hence the need for sew therapy).

I also made my first hexi flower this weekend, after doing all of that cutting last weekend. I think this is just adorable, and am really excited to see where this project goes.

Sewing these babies together took a little bit of work/ripping out stitches/gnashing of teeth, so I am confident this will not be a very large project.

I also made this cute pillow case for a friend. When my mom and I were at quiltcon last week we got to make pillowcases for the 1 million pillow case challenge, and the method they used was so easy I just had to repeat. This may be a gift idea I use more often in the future, as they are so quick to make and really cute.

John is out of town for two more weeks, he is currently helping taking care of our nephews in Wisconsin while their sweet mama is on bed rest in the hospital awaiting a new baby. I miss having John with me every evening and weekend, but I am glad he is getting to help our family in need. In the meantime, I have converted my kitchen dining area into a sewing room to help keep me busy. Hopefully I will get to tackle a few more creative projects while I wait for him to come home.

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