Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Angela and Andrew's Wedding

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid to my good friend Angela two weeks ago as she was married. Angela is what I can only describe as a kindred spirit. John and I are truly blessed to know her and Andrew.  We just get each other. Those are the best kinds of friendships --  you don't have to use words.  You share the same dreams, values and ideals and it is uplifting to be in one another's company.

Their wedding was nothing short of a perfect day. The spirit was rich in the church they were married. I loved how the Priest talked about how with each marriage that takes place the entity of marriage is strengthened across the world. I felt strengthened in my own marriage as I saw them join their lives as one.

It was a long but fun day. We took photos after the wedding at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house, and they were just stunning.  If you live in the Detroit area you should definitely check it out, it is definitely worth a tour. 

The reception was a ton of fun, we danced the night away. Here are some of my favorite photos I captured from the day: 

Getting ready for the big day with  Angela's Mom, Nonna and Maid of Honor Jessica

John said he was the "entourage" to the entourage. He was there all day helping and hanging out. And isn't he studly?
Walking down the aisle after the wedding.
Andrew and Angela were married at Grotto Assumption Catholic Church. It was a simply perfect day.

I love this one! They are some of our favorite friends.
Hanging with some AGD's plus Bekah!
Happy Couple! I got to sit by Andrew and his brother Mark (best man) during the reception.
Andrew and Angela both have awesome families.

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  1. I loved the blog Kristin! You took some really awesome pictures. Andrew and I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends in you and John.


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