Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Made me laugh...

Lately I have found myself adding comics to my rss feed. They relieve stress, make me laugh and brighten my day. 

Here are some of the comics that I have especially enjoyed lately. Some I think are written just for me they are so familiar.

from XKCD. Lol. I am bringing home the bacon. Turkey bacon at least!
From Graph Jam. This happens to me every day.

I currently am addicted to Dilbert... 

More awesome Dilbert. 

From XKCD. This one makes me sad. But so true!

And of course the obligatory Pinterest finds that made me literally laugh out loud somewhat embarrassingly wherever I was when I was wasting time on Pinterest.
I have the best couch ever. I think it is more comfortable than my bed sometimes. 

I have this hanging in my cube. Some days ... people are just haters!!

Fortunately I have trained my husband to know the difference :)

Do you follow any comics? Which do you like best?

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