Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Youth Conference 2011 - Nauvoo, IL

John and I had the privilege of being called as Stake Youth Conference Leaders this summer. We went to Nauvoo, IL with 146 + kiddos and were assigned a group of 12 teenas who became part of our "family" (we were there Ma & Pa!). We had a really incredible time --all of the youth we interacted with were a ton of fun.

Nauvoo has a really special sprirt. It was one of the places the early saints settled before heading West to Salt Lake. They were industrious, joyful and faithful right until they were forced to leave their homes due to persecution. John and I had been to Nauvoo before, but this was really special because we had the opportunity to visit the restored Nauvoo temple as well as see the Pageant.
Also, experiencing Nauvoo with these youth was incredible. The last day there was a testimony meeting, and there was literally 30+ youth waiting in line to bear their witness of Jesus Christ. How powerful!

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to remember Old Nauvoo this summer, and reflect on what it takes to truly be a pioneer, standing firmly for what you believe in.

Here are a few of our fave pics:

Our Family in front of the Christus Statue

Here we are in front of the Nauvoo Temple. We had the privilege of attending the temple this year.

These girls are incredible.

I would make a good pioneer, no?

John ended up losing tragically at stick pull -- which is a fun old time-y game. To see his epic demise, check out this link. I tried embedding the video... but had some issues :(

Here we are swing dancing at the youth dance. I love dances... they need to have more for adults. Until then I am going to keep acting like I am 16 and live it up when I am asked to chaperone :)

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