Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lately at Work.

All three analysts on my current project wore a black skirt, black heels and a white blouse today. No planning involved.

Awesome when that happens, huh? Especially since Shannon (in the middle) and I both wore black dresses yesterday. We may just have to plan tomorrow to keep it consistent.

In other news, I am driving a Nissan Quest this week for work as they were out of those tiny compacts I love. Soccer Moms everywhere -- FREE YOURSELF of your boring mini-vans and get one of these ASAP. Feels and Looks more like an SUV, only downside is the fairly small trunk. I may just consider having 4-5 kids in the next year so I can justify buying one of these.

In other more FANTASTIC news, I am going to be trying a new schedule where I work offsite one week a month, and hopefully by summer's end will be two weeks a month. HOORAH!!! Looking forward to more evenings with the hubby, home cooked meals and sleeping in my own bed (which oddly enough hurts my back now that I am used to hotel beds).

For now, back to the grind!

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