Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confession: I am addicted to Freezer Pops

Recently while grocery shopping, I stumbled across some freezer pops. What a delight, it isn't even summer yet! After much persistence, I convinced John we absoluted had to get them.

Since then I have eaten them just like I did when I was younger, yielding virtually no self control in my consumption.

Shouldn't I be too old for this?


  1. I love freeze pops too!! I am so addicted to them, I can eat a bag a day! I am glad to know that there are others out there to. People look at me crazy, but they are so good I could replace eating regular food with them. I know its not healthy so I don't, but once in awhile they are my lunch if I'm not really hungry.

  2. I LOVE freeze pops. 1 makes me happy, I could live on just freeze pops. I am baffled as to how so few fill me up and I feel satisfied. Id be happy with them as my only food. Maybe I can lose weight with them lol. Im wondering if we get satisfied on them because of the large variety in a pack? Who knows, but 2 packs for $5 lasts me a week so Im happy. Lol

  3. How do i stop??? Ive gained 20 lbs!


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